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Genealogy of the Bowen Family before Sterling Bowen
(Pre 1800)

"Living Made Simple"
By D E Bowen

B&W Photos

from Elise Brown Bowen

from Eunice Bowen Branyon

Very Early Bowens

Quick Summary of the pre1800 history

Starting in Wales and the Crest

Welsh Immigration Time Line

Bowen's of Bristol Parish

Bristol Parish Bowens

William and Amy Bowen

Robert Bowen

William,Jr son of William & Amy

David,Sr son of William & Amy

Ephraim son of Robert & Avis Bowen

Jesse son of William & Amy

Bowen's of Mecklenburg County

Bowens of Mecklenburg County

Sterling Bowen

Drury, Sterling, & Isaac Bowen's Move to Abbeville County, SC

Charles Bowen

Families associated with the Bowens in Mecklenburg County






More Info & Bowen's of Mecklenburg County

Lunenburg Tithes before 1770

Mecklenburg Census

Mecklenburg Taxes

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John Bowen

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Littleberry Bowen

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Bible Records of Thomas Adam Bowen

James Bryant Bowen

Mecklenburg Taxes

Mecklenburg Land Taxes

Pre 1890
Bowen Marriage Records in Virginia

Eunice Bowen Branyon

Elise Brown Bowen

Joe & Elise Bowen
Photo Albums

Elise McWhite Brown Bowen(1/12/1920 - 3/1/2012) was the wife of Joe Bowen and lived in Antreville, SC most of her life after her marriage. She was born in the West Gantt community of Greenville, SC. Her parents were William Leander Brown and Annie Pearl McWhite Brown. She had one brother and six sisters including an identical twin sister, Louise Brown Coker. Both twins lived to be 92 years old and died 6 weeks apart.

She graduated as valedictorian(along with her twin sister) of the West Gantt High School class of 1937 and often told the story of a coin toss between her and her twin sister that determined valedictorian and salutatorian of the class.

Elise Bowen offered diverse talents and gifts to the Antreville community. As an avid gardener, she served on the Abbeville County Beautification Committee, was a member of The Eastern Star, a member of the Lily Garden Club, and repeatedly won awards for her flowers and arrangements in local fairs. For many decades, she joyfully prepared meals for the sick and housebound and visited with those who were lonely. Mrs. Bowen kept alive the art of handwork with her prodigious crochet, tatting, and needlework. She is remembered fondly by her family for her incessant joy of nature, her love of animals, her sense of travel-adventure, and her appreciation of a fine walk.

Joe Bowen(12/1/1918 - 8/6/1991) was born in Antreville, SC to his parents Robert Burts Bowen and Nora Gertrude Murdoch Bowen. He had two brothers and two sisters. He was a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1936-38 in Oregon before joining the Air Force(then the US Army Air Corps) 4 months before the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. He earned his wings shortly afterwards. He spent most of World War II as a pilot teaching navigation in various aviation schools in Texas.

After the war, he spent many years with Marshall Farms Poultry Enterprises before becoming associated with American Breeder Service. He was always a lover of animals, animal farming, and animal associated industries. At different times in his life, he and Elise raised turkeys, chickens, hogs, beef cattle, horses, beagles, cocker spaniels, cats, and fox hounds. He loved talking to his beagles while rabbit hunting. Late in life, he also decided to become an auctioneer and real estate service.

He was a mason and past grand mason of the Dew Drop Masonic Lodge in Antreville, SC and served for many years as Deacon at First Creek Baptist Church.

Elise collected a lot of pictures of her family through the years. Below are several of her albums showing photos and newspaper clippings of the Bowen, Brown, McWhite and Murdoch Families in Upper South Carolina from 1880 through 1958.

Photo Album of B&W pictures. This has photos from 1880 through 1958 The first photo is Onie Murdock in 1880.The 12th is Nora Gertrude Murdoch Bowen in 1905.
To view this album as individual photos with the names of the people shown click here. If you position your curser over the picture, the file name should appear. The file name will indicate the approximate date and names of people in the picture when known.

Bowen Family Photo Album (1895-2004) First half of this album contains very good early B&W photos. The first 3 pics are Gertrude Bowen circa 1895, Robert Bowen circa 1900, John D Murdoch circa 1900. Ella McWhite family picture from circa 1939 is here. Very nice pictures of William and Pearl Brown and family are here also.
To view this album as individual photos with the names of the people shown click here.

Black & White photos of Joe Bowen as a youngster.
To view this album as individual photos with the names of the people shown
click here.

Miscellaneaneous pictures(1935-1976) This is "special photos" the Elise kept on her dresser. It includes a small diary of when Joe went into the military. They were together a total of only 13 days during the 18 months before their marriage.

Elise Bowen Album of pre marriage pics(1940-1942) Good pictures of both Elise's and Joe's young adult siblings, nephews, and nieces.
To view this album as individual photos with the names of the people shown click here.

Joe Bowen in the CCC This album shows photos of Joe Bowen in the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1938 in Oregon.

Album 1939 B&W (Old Family Photos)(1939-1956) More old B&W photos

Elise Bowen Personal Album (1941) Pre marriage and early marriage.
To view this album as individual photos with the names of the people shown click here.

Elise Bowen Texas Trip Album(1942) This was her trip out to see Joe in the US Army Air Corps in Texas with Joe's parents.

Joe and Elise Bowen After Marriage Album (1943) Pictures after her marriage and living around Texas with Joe in 1943.

Joe Bowen Family Album(1942-1952) Mostly pictures of the Joe Bowen family.