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Genealogy of the Bowen Family before Sterling Bowen
(Pre 1800)

"Living Made Simple"
By D E Bowen

B&W Photos

from Elise Brown Bowen

from Eunice Bowen Branyon

Very Early Bowens

Quick Summary of the pre1800 history

Starting in Wales and the Crest

Welsh Immigration Time Line

Bowen's of Bristol Parish

Bristol Parish Bowens

William and Amy Bowen

Robert Bowen

William,Jr son of William & Amy

David,Sr son of William & Amy

Ephraim son of Robert & Avis Bowen

Jesse son of William & Amy

Bowen's of Mecklenburg County

Bowens of Mecklenburg County

Sterling Bowen

Drury, Sterling, & Isaac Bowen's Move to Abbeville County, SC

Charles Bowen

Families associated with the Bowens in Mecklenburg County






More Info & Bowen's of Mecklenburg County

Lunenburg Tithes before 1770

Mecklenburg Census

Mecklenburg Taxes

Mecklenburg Land Taxes

John Bowen

Hicks Bowen

Littleberry Bowen

William Bowen III

Isham Bowen

James Bowen

Asa Bowen

David Bowen, Jr.

Bracy Bowen

Littleberry Bowen Kirks

Edwin Bowen

Other Stuff

Bible Records of Thomas Adam Bowen

James Bryant Bowen

Mecklenburg Taxes

Mecklenburg Land Taxes

Pre 1890
Bowen Marriage Records in Virginia

Eunice Bowen Branyon

Elise Brown Bowen

Jones and Elmira Bowen?

These photos are circa 1870. They are the first 2 pictures found in the "family section" of photographs of the bible belonging to John Wesley Bowen. I believe them to be pictures of John Wesley Bowen's parents, Jones Bowen and his wife, Elmira Whitman. Jones Bowen(Thomas Jones Bowen, Sr.) is the grandson of Sterling Bowen and the son of Woody Bowen.

Origins of the Bowen Family
(and of Sterling and Woody Bowen)
before the Revolutionary War

My aunt, Eunice Bowen Branyon, traced the Bowen ancestry back to Sterling Bowen(a Revolutionary War veteran) as part of her qualification for membership in the DAR(Daughters of the American Revolution). Her work triggered an interest of Genealogy in me and I have since spent many hours in the Richmond Library and on the internet researching our ancestry before Sterling. Along with other researchers I have since found online, including Martha Hills, Frances "Cookie" Harper, and especially Deborah Ann Wilson, we now know the following:

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The Bowen family originated in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. This is a coastal county, and explains why so many of the Bowens won distinction in the English Navy. So much of the ancient history is covered up with legends, and dates are so confused, that it is quite impossible to fix a definite time as to much of this early history. Approximately, the family goes back to about the year 1050. There is a legend to the effect that the head of the family thirteen hundred years ago carried the sword of state before King Arthur at his coronation at Caerleon (Lions' Rock), in Monmouthshire. But no authentic records go back that far. About 1050, just before the Norman Conquest of England, one comes upon something like history in Wales. The various tribes had taken shape, and we know who some of their rulers were.

The first sizable emigration of the Welsh to America came in 1680-1720. Over 30,000 Quakers and other religious immigrants from Wales came to America during this time. Some early Welsh settlers purchased land in the Delaware colony, which they called the Welsh Tract. Many made their way to the New World as indentured servants. As early as 1667 a congregation of Baptists from South Wales had founded Swansea on the Plymouth-Rhode Island border. In 1681 a group of Welsh-Quaker gentlemen obtained a tract of some 40,000 acres in Pennsylvania. By 1720 the Welsh were settled in southeastern Pennsylvania and in Delaware. The middle of the 18th Century saw the Welsh moving toward the Susquehanna frontier and into the Carolinas.

Our line(descendants of Sterling and Woody Bowen) begins with 2 couples William and Amy Bowen, and Robert and Avis Bowen, in Bristol Parish, Virginia(just west of present day Petersburg in Dinwiddie County, VA). The men were surely kin to each other in some way and possibly brothers, although that has not been proven. They were at least producing children at the same time in Bristol Parish during the late 1720's and early 1730's. It has not been determined exactly where these Bowen families were living at this time as no mention of them in earlier records has been found. Most likely they were living in Prince George Co, perhaps near a creek called Bowen's Branch, just upstream from George's Branch on the Namozine Creek.

At present, we have no idea where William and Robert Bowen lived prior to Bristol Parish. They are not found in any immigrant lists of the time. They quite possibly lived in Philadelphia or Delaware previously along with other Bowen immigrants, but no record proving this has been found yet.

The Bristol Parish records included the following Bowen birth records:

Wm. son of William and amy Bowen Born 2d Dcemr 1729 Bapt 10th May 1730
Lucie D of Robert and Avis Bowen born 23th August 1730
David of Wm. & Amy Bowen born 13th Novr 1731 bapt 30th July 1732
Ephraim son of Robt & Avis Bowen born 12th Feby 1731 bapt 30th July 1732
Jesse s of William and Amy Bowyon born 11th March 1734

We have no way of knowing how many children might have been born to William Bowen and his wife, Amy or to Robert Bowen and his wife, Avis before or after the five years or so that their children's births were recorded in the Bristol Parish records. We also have no birth dates or marriage records for either William or Robert. So we can't even begin to guess if these were their first children, their middle children, or their last children. We can't even be sure that William and Robert were close in age since one might have been in his early 20's while the other was quite a bit older, perhaps even producing a second family by a later marriage. But we do know from later records that William Bowen and Amy both were still alive in 1762, so probably there were quite a few more children born to them.

These Bowens disappeared from Bristol Parish after the birth of Jesse Bowen in 1734 and reappeared in the Brunswick Co Order Books(present day Mecklenburg County) by 1737. There are numerous land transactions, wills, and entries in the local county order books of the time listing these and other members of the Mecklenburg Bowen Clan. These early settlers are often associated with Little Creek, the Meherrin River, Eagle's Nest Creek, Long Branch, and others. There are still a very large numbers of Bowen descendants still living in the area today.

Either William Bowen, Sr. or Robert Bowen from Bristol Parish is most certainly the grandfather of Sterling Bowen. Drury Bowen could be the son of either and is the probable father of Sterling Bowen. Drury appears to have been born in Mecklenburg County just after the move from Briston Parish about 1738.

There are several reasons that Drury and his wife Elizabeth(Clack?) are very possibly the parents of Sterling Bowen. Drury was born at the right time .. about 1738. Drury is associated with William Bowen Sr. and other Bowens in Mecklenburg County on several land deeds and court orders. Most convincing is the fact that Drury Bowen moved to Abbeville County, SC along with Sterling Bowen in the late 1780's. Additional support comes from the fact that Sterling Bowen's first son is also named "Drury" and was a male recipient in his will.

Elizabeth Bowen, the wife of Drury, is thought to have been a daughter of the John Clack family that lived near Drury and next to William Bowen, Sr. in Mecklenburg County, VA. This Clack family appears to be the origin of the name Sterling. Elizabeth Clack is the granddaughter of James Clack and Mary Sterling who named their first son(Elizabeth's uncle) Sterling Clack.

Unfortunately, the church in Mecklenburg County(St. James Parish) where the elder Drury's and Sterling's birth and marriage records would have been located burned in the 1860's and all records were lost. And there is no evidence of a will by this Drury Bowen that anyone has found. Maybe someone can find more information.

Sterling Bowen entered the Revolutionary Way in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. His wife, Mrs. Susan Bowen(nee Susannah Meredith), stated that Sterling served in NC some two or three tours and was in the Battles of Camden(1780 near Camden, SC) and Eutaw Springs(1781 near Charleston, SC). After the war, in 1785, he purchased 50 acres of land near present day South Hill, VA in Mecklenburg County along Long Branch. He sold this land in 1787 after just 2 years. Soon afterwards, he moved to Abbeville County, South Carolina near present day Shiloh Church, with some of the other members of the original Mecklenburg Bowen clan(Drury and Isaac Bowen).

Many of Sterling Bowen's descendants including my direct ancestors Woody Bowen(son of Sterling), and Jones Bowen(grandson) are buried in Shiloh Cemetery near Antreville, SC. Sterling's grave and Drury's grave have not been located to date. My other direct ancestors who are also descendants of Sterling Bowen(John Wesley Bowen, Robert Burts Bowen, and Joe Bowen) are buried in First Creek Baptist Church, about 4 miles away.

Sterling Bowen's lineage from Woody Bowen has been fully documented by Eunice Branyon Bowen in her book "Family of Woody Bowen" and is now online.