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I am always looking for someone to go fishing with. Argentina, Costa Rica, the Canadian Northwest Territory, Belize, Venezuela, Mexico, and the Amazon are all destinations I hope to travel to and fish someday. If anyone out there is interested in going to these places, please contact me by email. I must warn typical day is fishing from sunrise until 5PM when the cigars and cognac come out(along with the days fishing stories). I've also done a little sailing also.

Fishing Trips

I have included some stories and photos below of some of my favorite fishing adventures. I hope you enjoy them. You already know that a bad day fishing is always better than a good day at work. But these are all good fishing days, so grab your flyrod, click on a pic for the story and more photos...... and enjoy!

The Bones of Andros!! My favorite fishing spot in the world!

Tarpon photos and narrative of Grand Slam attempt! The permit was on but lost.

Big 10 ft long sailfish taken at Puerto Vallarta!!!! Plus a bunch of small yellowfin tuna and breaching humpback whales.

Cudas and Barracudas

Flyfishing for Baby Tarpon and Snook in Venezuela This is flyfishing paradise if you like top water action on poppers.

Drinking beer on the sidewalk in Brazil The fishing wasn't too great but the beer and food were.

Canoeing and fishing for Smallmouth on the James River in Virginia with my sons. I've done this trip twice on the upper James River in Virginia....from Irongate to Natural Bridge.

Canadian Fly In..... A great week in a secluded cabin on a secluded lake. Lots of smallmouth and pike. Pics of my favorite two fishing buddies.

Fishing on Lake ZaZa in Cuba...I don't think I have ever caught so many bass in one week.

Finally a Marlin in Los Cabos, Mexico. And a big Dorado to boot!!

Cape Hatteras Trips....The Fishing Group

The Brazilian Highlands....Excellent bass fishing in a secluded lake unfished by any American!

Delaney Lodge in Canada...Walleye and big pikeā€¦.some lake trout

The Sutton River at Hudson Bay....Full moon over the cedars, northern lights, standing in my waders catching 4 lb brookies with dry flies on a 1 weight Sage.... life doesn't get much better!!