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The first day was just getting to Thunder Bay. The next day we drove 7 hours north to Pickle Lake and repacked all our gear into expedition drums. The third day, we flew another 3 hours north to the Summit River and landed just before Hudson Bay, unpacked the plane into cargo canoes, and started upstream. And then finally, six straight days of fly fishing, canoe camping, and great meals in the Northern Woods.

Arriving on the Summit, it was cold, rainy, and windy..but Jake gives us a Thumbs Up!!

I catch a brookie on my 5 weight Loomis.

Jake shows some classic netting techniques!!

Jerry with a nice trout.

There were great colors on the fish which improved as we fished upstream

Jake relaxing in the sun on a rock in the middle of the Summit! Tough

5-7 weight rods were the norm. You had to get down under the water with weighted wet nymphs sometimes

and me with another trout.

Paradise in the North Woods

Jerry catches a nice trout!!

Jake nets another brookie!!(note the rock with the log on top in background)

These guys ended up as dinner.

But there was also lots of top water action with dry flies and rats. My 1 weight Sage which worked really well on dries!

Jake just kept catching trout!

Jerry lands a 4 pounder

Another nice trout!

Another trout for me

Jake sitting on another rock

I'm netting another trout.

The last day at the base camp.

Flying back to Pickle Lake where we could finally take a hot shower.